Upon losing two deposits from another breeder, we soon found Creeks Ranch Doodles’ Home! We got very lucky as we were looking for a female puppy ready to go the beginning of summer. Our assistant was very attentive and always got back to us at a reasonable time. He sent us pictures of her growth progress and even added some videos too! We also made a small request to have him send our new puppy home with a cloth that has her mothers scent on it. We truly feel we have a dream puppy!! Her demeanor and intelligence is excellent. We would definitely get another puppy from Creeks Ranch Doodles Home in the future!!!

Jax (Jasmine), California

We are so happy that we used Creeks Ranch Doodles’ Puppies for our first puppy. Our assistant was very easy to work with and went out of his way to make sure our puppy made it to Minnesota. Our mini Bernedoodle is such a great addition to our new home. He is very social and gets along very well with people and other dogs. We can’t take him anywhere without people asking where we got him from and I am quick to recommended Creeks Ranch Doodles Puppy Home!

Charlie, Colorado

Just sending you an update on Ruby aka Daisy. She is the best puppy; just got her first haircut. She is fully trained, loves her crate (for bed), rode to FLA in back seat of truck with NO problems and has been sleeping through the night for 3 weeks now. Lots of fun, tries to be obedient and best dog I’ve ever had. Will be better once those puppy teeth are gone. We love her to death and she is a great companion. Thx!!

Honeysuckle, West Virginia

Hello, Tracy and I needed to pass along our thanks and genuine appreciation for our little dog Barney. He is an astonishing canine who is hyper-savvy, yet ridiculous, perky and warm. He has a great disposition and loves individuals and different canines. It’s difficult to envision what life resembled before him. I likewise like your understanding with us for all of the subsequent calls and messages after we took him home. You offered us incredible guidance and addressed our inquiries in general. Much appreciated once more.

Shaun and Tracy Telfe – Vancouver, BC

Papaya (Dawn) has turned out to be the absolute perfect pup for us. She is all personality- sweet, social, loving, silly, and intelligent. We get stopped on the street all the time by people asking about her and complimenting her good looksShe loves dogs and other people, and has done great in training. She enjoys snow, sticks, and peanut butter. She slept through the night almost immediately when we got her and has been really easy to crate-train, she rarely ever barks and is not an anxious puppy at all- just happy and full of snuggles for her family. She really has an incredible temperament. We are absolutely in love with her and are so thankful to Creeks Ranch Doodles’ Home for helping us through the process of getting her- would totally recommend them if you’re thinking about getting a Bernedoodle!

Lenny (Poppy), New York

Ollie has been the best dog a family could ask for! He came home to us already trained and ready to love. He is very handsome and well-behaved in public. (Definitely agree with the other families — we get stopped constantly in public and asked about him almost to the point of annoyance, but we are secretly very flattered!) At home, Ollie is a complete goof-ball — soft and fluffy and affectionate and playful. He also likes to lie at your feet when you play piano or do homework, so we think he is going to mature into a very good dog. He is excelling in his obedience classes and we think he may advance to both therapy and agility classes (he looks all Berner, but jumps like a Poodle). He likes boating and paddle boarding, but is not yet sure about swimming. Just a happy guy and great to have around. All our thanks to Creeks Ranch Doodle and our assistants and their families.

Isabella (Petal), New Jersey

We were lucky enough to get our Wrigley from Saturn’s litter. He’s seriously the best pup! He’s a big boy, 20 lbs when he turned 4 months old. Potty training was a breeze and he has the best personality. We did a 5 week puppy course through a trainer and she said “Whatever breeder you used knows what they’re doing.” Our assistant was great to work with!

Reggie (Furrari), Connecticut

We can hardly imagine how our Bella will be 1 year old without further ado! The year has flown by and she has brought such a lot of fun into our lives! Bella keeps on being the most joyful pup and we were unable to be more satisfied with her. Bella immediately turned into a piece of our family and we are so intrigued with how sharp she is, just as how great she is with individuals (particularly kids!). We can’t thank you enough for sending us our Bell! Much obliged to you.

Kaitlin and Landon – Hamilton, Ontario

Toby (birthname Grizzly) is the dearest puppy. Fun, very social and even tempered. No stress with crate training or signs of anxiety when we leave the house which is a blessing compared to my grand dog! Very smart and easy to train. Toby was the smallest in his litter but has a big personality. So glad we have him in our lives. Photo is an example of how he sleeps in the funniest positions.

Indie (Tulip), Maryland

Cherry has been a joy and delight! Her puppy personality is unlike any dog we’ve ever had…she is sweet, smart and wants to please! Everyone stops us to ask about her. Slept through the night right away and easily potty trained. We’re hoping to raise her as a therapy dog! Our assistant was awesome to deal with through every phase of puppy purchase! He was always professional and quick to respond his research, care, and love for breeding these amazing dogs is evident! This breed is amazing on so many levels and Creeks Ranch Doodles is invested in producing healthy, loving, and adorable puppies. We researched breeders across the country and found the best in our “back yard!”

Creasy (Cassanova), Pennsylvania